Behind the Lens

(who are those guys?)

Michael Wetherell
Hometown: Del Mar

  • B.A. Environmental Studies,  University California Santa Barbara 2011. 
  • Torrey Pines High School class of 2006

Favorite Surf Break: Wherever the waves are.
About Me:  Grew up bodyboarding the reefs in La Jolla but picked up a surfboard at UCSB and haven't been able to put it down since. 

Elise Walker
Creative Director/Photographer
Hometown: Oceanside

  • B.A. Environmental Studies, University California Santa Barbara 2010.
  • Vista High School class of 2005

Favorite Surf Breaks: BEEF's Peak, Cottons
About Me: My parents got me my first wetsuit for my 8th birthday and I have been a “little surfer girl” ever since.

Kara Walker
Assistant Photo and Content Editor
Hometown: Oceanside
Favorite Surf Breaks: Breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks

  • B.S. Nutrition and Food Science, Utah State University
About Me: In-house Registered Dietitian analyzing nutrient intakes for optimal surfing condition!

Bob Walker
Hometown: Oceanside
Favorite Surf Breaks: South Jetty

  • Finance, San Diego State University
About Me: Born and raised in southern California (with a short hiatus in Florida); surfing and photography have been lifelong passions.

Contributing Photographers

James W. Baker
Ryan Madson
Jessica Madson